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CSSA Hall Of Famer: Eliza Dushku
« on: July 18, 2006, 08:41:14 pm »
Some shows are barren ground for heartthrobs of the male variety (Supernatural is promoted in the UK with the line “Scary just got sexy” but its sexiness is aimed more at those who like guys), others have them popping up all over the shop (like almost anything from Aaron Spelling, RIP). Among the achievements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was to include not only one hottie as its star, but to maintain a stream of high-quality babes throughout its run – Charisma Carpenter! Alyson Hannigan! Michelle Trachtenberg! Emma Caulfield! Iyari Limon! Even Amy Acker if you count the spinoff! So fertile is this show, in fact, that it produced no less than two undoubted Hall of Famers, appropriately enough both Slayers.

Husky-voiced brunette sexpot Eliza Dusky... er, Dushku’s turn as Faith – free-spirited, hot-blooded, dangerous, uncontrollable but utterly irresistible Faith – should have gotten her a series of her own. A series of her own more successful than Tru Calling, that is. But even without that missed opportunity (and her sharing Sarah Michelle Gellar’s stance on nudity, dammit), we still have Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. We still have her swimwear fashion show in The New Guy. We still have Bring It On, the best sports movie not called Hoosiers evereverEVER and one of the few chick flicks it’s okay for guys to like. And we still have her track record on CSSA; loads of stories, loads of writers, and a winner of the Top 100 countdown to boot (a status she shares with Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba).

Eliza’s been playing Lucy van Pelt on stage, but that’s not what we want. We want her on TV regularly again, or back on the big screen in something. Anything. As long as it has her being strong and horny, the way we all love her. AND she’s the hottest person to share my birthday.

Big, big hug and kiss and welcome to the CSSA Hall of Fame, Eliza Dushku.
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Re:CSSA Hall Of Famer: Eliza Dushku
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2006, 07:24:42 am »
Well, she could play Lucy in the R-rated version of Peanuts. ;D
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