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Raven's Home
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:55:49 pm »
For those of you haven't heard
"Ravens Home", a spin-off of "That's so Raven, picks up with longtime best friends Raven and Chelsea, who are now each divorced with kids of their own, raising their children – Raven’s 11-year-old twins Booker and Nia, and Chelsea’s 9-year-old son Levi – under one roof, in a chaotic but fun household that often includes the twin’s best friend and neighbor Tess. Unbeknownst to her kids, Raven still catches glimpses of the future, and unbeknownst to her, Booker has just learned he has these same abilities. Hilarity ensues as Raven and Booker’s visions collide, but no matter the situation, they figure everything out together as one big happy family.

My General Idea

1. You have Raven and Chelsea living on only the same house but same bed room sleeping on bunk beds, so what if one night while they are sleeping Raven and Chelsea become very HORNY but are afraid to wake up the other up.  But after pressuring themselves they both start to hear noises and realizing what each other our are doing.  Its at that moment that they decide that better be satisfy they self if they help each other out.

2. What you have Chelsea do something, like brake something or whatever you want it to be, that she doesn't want Raven to know of.  But unknown to her Booker has recorded the whole thing.  One day why everyone is out expect Booker, is thinking of the thing he want to do to Chelsea, is sick home from school.  Because Raven can't make home, she calls Chelsea, who believes she as gotten a way with it, to go and check on Booker.  When she get home is surprise to see Booker watch the footage and waiting for her.  When Chelsea ask Booker what he wants and hearing he wants sex with her.  Disgusted by what she heard but deciding it more important that Raven doesn't find, Chelsea agree to Booker's demands.

3.  Nia is at that age were she curious about sex mainly what it is like to be with another, so she ask her mom about it.  Her mom decides to show by simulating sex with Chelsea.

Idea base on Episodes

"The Baxters Get Bounced"
"Chelsea later invites Mr. Jablonski to cup of coffee so the pair can talk about the rental raise. He however mistakenly thinks that Chelsea is trying to poison, after he takes a sip of the coffee. He makes his way to exit, but slips on the floor before he can leave. In haste, Chelsea ties and gags him, placing him inside the closet."  What if you change the scene so Mr. Jablonski come for the coffee but he sees right through the deceptions.  After some pleading, Mr. Jablonski give Chelsea an ultimatum, "Fuck me when I want and you can say".  Seeing no other chose she reluctantly agrees.
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Re: Raven's Home
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2017, 05:55:33 pm »
One of the few Mouse shows from that era I never watched. I will have to look it up W----. Was that the one with the twins? Just like with any Fuller House idea I would have it would be an all girl house and the younger girls would force the women to teach them lesbian love by putting them in bondage as they sleep, maybe even ruffie them. It could happen! Our school caught a 12 year-old, fortunately before he used them a couple years ago. Where is Hamster? :) I don't even think this. :)
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