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Alexandra Daddario & Kelly Rohrbach
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:30:59 am »
After watching Baywatch we differently need story about Alexandra Daddario & Kelly Rohrbach.  Now I know we have some Alexandra Daddario story BUT we all way use a bit more of Daddario.  We need Kelly Rohrbach stories like yesterday.


1. Is take the idea that Alexandra Daddario & Kelly Rohrbach are real Lifeguard.
    1. One or both get a call were they have to help a beach goer gets stung in his penis.  The lifeguard could realize
         that the only way to help him is to suck it.

    2. You have they go out on a rescue.  While on the rescuse they get there swimsuit rip off.  When they get back to
         the beach they realize their regular clothes are also gone.  So they then see a couple of guys waving at them. 
         They walk over.  They realize that if they don't FUCK the guys they won't get their clothes back.

2. This base on some story idea already use.  WHAT IF a guy magically switch body with either Alexandra Daddario or Kelly Rohrbach.  TO EXPLAIN MY IDEA I'M GONNA USE ALEXANDRA DADDARIOA BUT YOU USE WHO EVER YOU WANT.  So the guy wakes up and realize that he is in Alexandra Daddario body.  After he explores his new body he realize he is on the set of Baywatch.  Goes out to film a scene but all he can focus on is Kelly Rohrbach.  So he as Alexandra Daddario could find a way to seduce or you DON'T THINK THIS WOULD HAPPEN NATURALLY the a date- rape drug to FUCK Kelly Rohrbach.  The story should end with them switch back the Alexandra Daddario & Kelly Rohrbach wake up shocked to find themselves in bed together.
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