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I'm not dead yet.
« on: October 04, 2016, 11:24:21 pm »
Hey everyone, Mal here. I know its been a while since I posted anything or had much to say on the forums, I've been busy moving and with a new job and some other excuses that shouldn't really matter... Anyway, I've been thinking of doing some writing again, but am not quite sure where to begin. That's where you fine folks come in. I was hoping that you all might chime in with your two cents and let me know what it is your interested in seeing me do. I was looking over my files and such last night and I noticed I have part 10 of my main series Billion Dollar Harem finished (which I will submit for posting soon). I am also very close to being finished with a story involving Felicity Jones and Gal Gadot in an intimate encounter.

That being said, I'm not really sure where I should pick things up. Is there any interest in me continuing with my Billion Dollar Harem series? I feel like I made a few mistakes with this series, mistakes that I had considered rectifying in a new series with a very similar theme. This new series would have a new cast, although at least a few of my favorites would be apart of it. One of the main things I feel I did wrong with Billion Dollar Harem, is how quickly the ladies assimilate into their new lives. If I began a new series in the same vein, things would progress more slowly in terms of how quickly the ladies accepted their fates. If there is however, interest in the continuation of Billion Dollar Harem, I could work on the next few chapters (I know I left things off on a bit of a cliffhanger). I find this too to be an interesting choice, since the setting is now well established, and there are a few side plots which could be developed further. Also, in this story, the ladies are now more ingrained in their new life styles so for those who are not so into some of the darker story tags, I could write some at least slightly more consensual stories.

I also considered picking things up with a series of one shot stories with no interconnected plot lines. If I went this route, I could finish up the Felicity Jones story, or work with some other celebs I haven't used yet. I guess my problem with this route, is I feel making a believable story involving a celeb or a group of celebs is generally not doable in such a short span. Still though, the thing I like about this route is it gives me the freedom to work with any celeb I want rather than just the group I've imprisoned in some guy's basement. If you guys seem interested in this, I would love some suggestions as to which celeb or celeb pairings I should work with, as well as the types of story tags you'd want to see them subjected to. I think it would be really interesting to work within the confines of a broad request like: "I want to see this celeb and these three story tags..." Obviously, I'd have the final say over what I'd work on, there are just some celebs and situations I have no interest in working on.

Its going to be a few days before I can really sit down and do some writing, so I'll see what you all say in the mean time. If you have the time, please reply to this thread with which of these choices you'd like to see me peruse. (I take all comments and criticisms in the highest light).

Choice 1) Continue with my series Billion Dollar Harem. (I will submit part 10 regardless of whether or not I continue).

Choice 2) A new series of celeb imprisonment and subjection with a whole new cast. (If this choice gains traction, I might even poll for potential prisoners).

Choice 3) Work on some new one shot stories with a wide array of subjects and scenarios. (This choice would likely lead me to ask the question of you all: Who and what do you want to see).   

I know that many of you will probably express the desire that I work on what will make me  happy, and I agree. But in this case, I am looking to get back to the flurried level of writing I was at before this long break, and to do that, I'd really love at least some direction from the great people on this forum. Because I'd like my work to be read, and not avoided because of one particular aspect... So please, respond with your interest, and if you're unfamiliar with my work, that's fine, I'm still interested in what you have to say.

Thanks to you all for listening (reading) this long line of crap, I look forward to hearing from you all,


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Re: I'm not dead yet.
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2016, 07:41:47 am »
Choice 3) Work on some new one shot stories with a wide array of subjects and scenarios. (This choice would likely lead me to ask the question of you all: Who and what do you want to see).   

Sounds interesting. How about some of the older ladies back in their salad days, like Cheryl Ladd from Charlies Angles or Heather Locklear from Dynasty ?