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Hunter or Haley King
« on: June 03, 2016, 10:18:45 pm »
Hunter or Haley, whatever she actually goes by, King is the other sister of actress Joey King.

I have a few ideas
For this post I'll call her Hunter
The first idea could go in one of two ways
1. What if your dating Hunter then one day you guys finally decided to fuck.  So one around noonish you over to her house when she alone and start fucking in the living room.  Then halfway though you hear someone say "Hey Hunter you home?"  to which Hunter then saids "Shit Joey home".  You ask if you should stop to which she said no just finish.  Suddenly you both notice that Joey is staring at you guys.  Hunter screams at her "Get the hell out of here" to which Joey says "What you doing?" then Hunter reply with "What does it look like we are doing".  You are getting annoyed by this finally scream while looking at Joey and say "Either join us or get hell out of here".  This causes both of them to look at each other before looking back at you and asking if your serious. When you nod yes Joey walks over and ask "What you want me to so?".......
2. Your dating Joey and just starting adolescent having sexual feeling you don't really understand yet.  One day you and Joey are on the couch watching a movie when suddenly Hunter walk in and start accusing Joey of taking her stuff before announcing she going up stairs to take a shower.  You start to feel you private area start to tingle so you tell Joey you need go to the bathroom and tell you it's down the hall.  On your way to the bathroom you hear the shower feeling really hard decide to bold and investigate.  You creep over to door and push it open slightly where you greeted by the most beautiful nude body you have ever seen.  You just stand there staring.  Hunter sensing this look over but does not see you.  THIS COULD GO ONE OF TWO WAY first she then turns her back to you.  Feeling bold you undress and quietly creep into the room then shower.  Hunter who still hasn't realize you did this reaches back to grab something but is suddenly confused by what she is holding.  She turns around and realize she is holding your cock suddenly scream and tells you "Get the hell out of her".  You could either sweet talk her into fucking you or because you are now very horny could say "Screw this" to which Hunter saids "What?" before you grab and turn her around then slam your cock in to ass.  Taking it back bit for a different idea after Hunter sensing this look over but does not see you.  You could continue to watch her until you hear the shower turn off and see her get out.  You quickly run to the other bathroom and as you exit you bump into her.  She ask you if you were just watching her to which you try to the fact that you were but she can tell you did.  Hunter then angrily grabs you into her room before yelling at you.  Saying thing like "What the hell" and "Is this what you wanted to see?" as she removes the towel.  That when you grab and fuck her.

My second idea
You are a burglar casing homes to rob.  You see a well dress man and his wife leave.  You over hear that they are going out of town for the weekend.  You start making plans to rob them.  So Saturday you break into the house.  As you start rob the house you hear a noise.  You investigate and see someone standing there.  You sneak behind, grab and tie them up.  As you start to get a better look at them you notice that it's a girl.  You ask her who she is she tells you that her name is Hunter and that this her parents house.  While she is telling you this you can't help but notice just hott she is but then decides to go back to robbing the house.  While you are rummaging though drawer you can't stop thinking about just how hott Hunter is.  You then start to complete finally decided that you have gone this far might as will.  You go back to Hunter and tell her "Are you ready?"  She then reply "What?" before you grab, rip off her clothes and then begins to rape her.
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