Author Topic: Disney's Jessie- Freaky Freakend episode  (Read 3905 times)


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Disney's Jessie- Freaky Freakend episode
« on: April 06, 2013, 02:58:53 am »
In tonight's episode, Ravi receives a mysterious bell from India in the mail.  The bell turns out to be magical, and before long, people switch bodies with each other.  It just so happens that Luke switches bodies with Emma, and this is where the story I'm writing begins.

Before Jessie entered their lives as their nanny, it stands within reason that Luke had an infatuation--and still does--with Emma.  He's always wanted to see her naked, and now that the opportunity has presented itself, Luke wastes no time in stripping down and taking nude photos of Emma's body.  The fact that he's finally inside his sister, although not in the way he'd imagine, bolsters him to make his fantasy into reality.

Originally, Luke would be content with these photos--along with a few of her panties--to jerk off to, but will now use those photos as leverage and to blackmail Emma into having sex. 

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Re: Disney's Jessie- Freaky Freakend episode
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2013, 06:31:55 am »
Sounds pretty good.  You might want to add that she's always fantasized about him too and the blackmail gives her an excuse to indulge herself while not feeling guilty about it.  Afterwards you might have them share their fantasies about Jessie and plot a sequel about their working together to get her in bed.
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