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TSSA Requests / Re: Fast and the Lesbian!!!
« Last post by Vicki on Today at 03:16:45 am »
Can't seem to get a definate answer on who came first, Marvel Avengers or British. Both seem to have came out about the same time. Both seem to have rights to the name to a degree, although in American comics they have to titled John Steed/Emma Peel or the like.

After a couple of hours of research it appears as if the British Avengers do predate the Marvel heroes! Avengers tv show began in 1961, while the Marvel heroes didn't debut until 1963! That is a surprise to me as I thought it was almost opposite.
TSSA Requests / Re: Fast and the Lesbian!!!
« Last post by Vicki on Today at 02:45:20 am »
Moving on to the British 'Avengers', the complete Emma Peel! Three seasons, 51 episodes. Always wondered why Marvel didn't sue their pants off. Marvel Avengers must have been 3 or 4 years before. But I'll look it up. Anyway, I can team Emma up with any number of spy girls from Modesty Blaise, Black Widow, even Pussy Galore! Pussy was a lesbian until Bond, after their break-up maybe she slid back! Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg in their prime! That's a pairing pretty much everyone would love! Maybe Pussy returns to her evil ways as a top henchwoman! Maybe throw some new in with the old and she's now working for Elektra King also a lesbian. When Bond goes down with his dislocated shoulder they call on Steed? but he's on a mission and while also successful takes a leg wound too close to the artery for comfort. Emma and maybe Modesty are called in as the unknown foe seems to have knowledge of their agents they have to use these 'talented amateurs' who are also 'part time' agents. I could use lots of. Bond girls and others.
The Dish / Re: Celebrity Relationships V
« Last post by Victor on August 22, 2017, 10:32:59 pm »
Hayden Panettiere on one of her birthday bird-sounds mentioned "her chosen family" alongside a picture of her with chums. Hmm....
TSSA Requests / Re: Fast and the Lesbian!!!
« Last post by Vicki on August 22, 2017, 07:41:14 pm »
Ah yes, and an idea to slap Sam down a few pegs. After events spawned in season 4 (actually 5), Sam and Carly have been relocated to Los Angeles under semi-assumed identities. Still Sam and Carly but new last names, their old identities wiped by heroes who saved them. Being Vickiverse they are 18, but have been lesbian lovers for at least 3 years, maybe as many as 5! The heroes also gave them a special ATM card with a limited monthy stipend that greedy Sam always wants to blow. But despite being electronically erased people they met before will still recognize them. They are meet back up with Cat Valentine who is also 18 now and in her last semester at high school. Cat's parents died and so she is no longer able to afford going to the 'arts' school and she is living with her grandmother Nona who is slipping into severe dementia
. With few choices the 3 girls move in together with Cat eagerly joining Sam and Carly sexually. Show business is now closed to Sam and Carly as their enemies are still around as they were virtually untouchable by the law. Only fear of the heroes keeps the girls safe, as well as keeping their heads down and not attracting attention. The girls go to a gym and are reunited with Shelby Marx, now training another fighter, hot black Rita Rooney! In private Shelby and Rita hatch a plan to have some lesbian fun with Sam, Carly, and Cat. Shelby had previously had cons bdsm 3-ways with Carly and Sam a few years before. When Rita runs out of sparring partners she asks Sam to spar. Sam, who is a bully and has on many occasions humiliated boys and even grown men accepts. But Rita is made of sterner stuff and for several minutes has the upper hand. Shelby then gives Rita the signal and she pretends to go down when Sam lands a decent punch to the mid-section! Since the girls can't do anything publicly a private nude, loser becomes sex slave fight is set up. The cocky Sam puts Carly and Cat up as well as herself. Knowing Sam, Shelby even agrees to train her (and it's legit, not a trick to wear Sam out). As Shelby knew would happen, after the grueling first week, Sam's cockiness, and more importantly, laziness kicks in. Sam begins to skip training and hides from Shelby and eats junk food. On the day of the fight all 5 girls show up naked. At first Sam does well, legitimately knocking Rita down twice in the first round and backing her up. Sam also starts out strong in the. second round, but halfway through Sam is gassed! Rita pounds Sam virtually at will, her superior conditioning and superior skill taking over. Rita then puts Sam down right before the bell. Carly and Cat try to rally Sam, but at the start of round 3 Sam's punches have nothing behind them and Rita takes her down. A momentary surge of lust where Rita kneads, slaps, and milks Sam's tits gives Sam an opening to momentarily escape and get back to her feet, buy Rita pounds her some more, knocking her back down and putting Sam in the Rhonda arm bar. For the first time in her life Sam has to scream out a surrender! A five girl bdsm orgy then breaks out while the news announces that the U.N. has declared the twatwad as a menace to the human race and he is captured and slowly fed to wild pigs feet first.
The Dish / Re: TV and Movie News: Another Origin Story
« Last post by InThe313 on August 22, 2017, 06:51:50 pm »
MTV's revived "Fear Factor" will return for more scares.  The network renewed the Ludacris-hosted competition series for Season 2 today, according to Variety.

Season 2 will run for 20 episodes, an increase from Season 1's 12.

MTV's version is slightly less grotesque and a bit more inspirational than the original NBC version that aired from 2001 to 2006, but it still does crazy stunts like burying people alive.

"I'm looking forward to season two of 'Fear Factor' and it being more ludicrous than the first season," Ludacris told Variety.  "Pun intended."

"Fear Factor" is just one of many nostalgia-baiting series MTV has brought back or is in the process of resurrecting.  Last week, the network announced the return of its dormant "MTV Unplugged" live music show.  Other revivals that are currently on the air or soon to come back include "MTV Beach House", "Total Request Live" and "MTV Cribs" (on snapping social media).

The season finale of "Fear Factor" airs tonight at 10/9c on MTV.
The Dish / Re: Celebrity Relationships V
« Last post by zeusaphone on August 22, 2017, 05:30:30 pm »
Simone Biles is head over heels.

On Sunday, the Olympic gymnast (who once charmed the internet with her crush on actor Zac Efron) posted a sweet photo to I*******m introducing her new boyfriend to the world.

The lucky man is Stacey Ervin who is a fellow gymnast.
The Dish / Re: Happy birthday - Part Deux
« Last post by Vicki on August 22, 2017, 03:36:30 pm »
August 23: Actresses; Joanne Froggatt 37, Clare Grant 38, Annie Ilonzeh 34, Kim Matula 29, Jamie Lee Kirchner 36, Shelley Long 68 (will move into Legends in a couple of years), Jessica Lee Keller 25, Heather Hodder 28, Alana Mansour 14! Writer and actress; Erin Foster 35! Singers; Chrissy Costanza 22, Jelena Rozga 40! Adult stars; August Ames 23, Carmen Luvana 36, Joanna Storm. 59, Chloe Couture 20!

In Legends: Barbara Eden 86! Vera Miles 88! Lydia Reed 73!

In Legends no longer with us: Gene Kelly! He was only slightly behind Astare as greates male dancer of the 20th century! Some prefer Gene, saying he was better at improv and acting! Keith Moon! Highly ranked drummer!

Good orgy and good list, but considerably smaller than usual, so any help in additions are welcome! Oh and Ginger was better because she had the same moves and do them backwards and in heels! :D :D :D
TSSA Requests / Re: Fast and the Lesbian!!!
« Last post by Vicki on August 22, 2017, 08:50:06 am »
Sam and Cat dance a lot so naturally I would have a naked Cat coming out of the shower and a naked Sam going into the shower. They are maybe wearing towels, and they start dancing! They get turned on, towels drop, kissing starts! Oh, yes, and the twatwad will die horribly in Vicki stories!
The Dish / Re: Happy birthday - Part Deux
« Last post by Vicki on August 22, 2017, 07:48:48 am »
Thanks SK. I actually had her on my list, but it was so long I accidentally skipped her. Had her between Danielle Lozeau and Dua Lipa and missed her,
The Dish / Re: Happy birthday - Part Deux
« Last post by Sex Kitten on August 22, 2017, 07:12:58 am »
Also, Giada De Laurentiis, is 47.

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