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CSSA Stuff / Re: Progress Report
« Last post by Blackjack on Today at 04:00:38 pm »
And just submitted a series of stories with UK celebrities getting fucked by a donkey dicked limo driver. Part 1 with Holly Willoughby and Part 2 with Jenna Coleman should be up with the next update!
The Dish / Re: Celebrity Passings 2018
« Last post by InThe313 on Today at 12:34:15 pm »
Screenwriter Shinobu Hashimoto, who wrote for some of the most iconic films in Japanese history, including The Seven Samurai and Rashomon from director Akira Kurosawa, has died. He was 100.

Hashimoto died Thursday at his home in Tokyo from pneumonia, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported.

Hashimoto wrote or co-wrote more than 70 screenplays, including many of Kurosawa's classics, also including The Hidden Fortress (1958). He directed three films as well, including I Want to Be a Shellfish (1959), and carried on as a screenwriter until suffering a stroke in his 90s.

The Seven Samurai told the tale of a village of peasants who enlist the help of a small group of wandering ronin (masterless samurai) to protect them from bandits who plan to rob them of their harvest. Also featuring samurai and bandits, Rashomon was based on a story by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa and presents a murder incident from the perspective of four different characters. It was a surprise winner of the Golden Lion at the 1951 Venice Film Festival and played a major part in putting Japanese cinema on the map.

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in April 1918, Hashimoto came up with his first writing credit for the acclaimed Rashomon in 1950. He went on to work on Throne of Blood, Kurosawa's take on Macbeth, in 1957, and the following year on The Hidden Fortress, which George Lucas acknowledged was a major influence on the original Star Wars.

A large number of the films he wrote screenplays for were remade, most famously 1954's The Seven Samurai, which inspired The Magnificent Seven (1960), itself remade again by Hollywood in 2016.

In Japan, Harakiri, Japan's Longest Day and I Want to Be a Shellfish (twice) are among his screenplays that have been remade.
The Dish / Re: Happy Birthday 2018!
« Last post by Sex Kitten on Today at 06:51:53 am »
July 20: Alycia Debnam Carey, is 25; Scout Willis, is 27; Julianne Hough, is 30; Gisele Bundchen, is 38; Colleen Fitzpatrick aka Vitamin C, is 46; and Sandra Oh, is 47.

TSSA Stuff / Re: Progress Report
« Last post by DaxG2001 on Today at 02:04:03 am »
Grrrrr. I hate Lu Bu! He's a pain in the ass to fight at any level,  but if you hire him, or if you are using his weapon he's useless and so is his weapon. As a result I hate him more than any character in the game. He was a jerk in real life too. Betraying everyone until his own men killed him.

Yeah he's portrayed as an egotistical jerk because he's so powerful. In the latest game he's not focused on as much as previous titles - only in a couple chapters.

Story wise I'm only likely will mention him by name, not using him in sex scenes. He's more of a plot device ongoing.
C-S-S-A Annual Lists & Awards / Re: 2018 CSSA Hot 100 Discussion
« Last post by Just Plain Tricky on July 19, 2018, 06:16:36 pm »
And just like that, after praising Ariana a few days ago, she has to go and do something stupid and is off my list again. Everyone knows I am totally against tats on women, but hers were small so I let it slide. Then, after advancing her she has to go get number 6, the name of the idiot she's going with! So Scarlett gets her place back again, only this far down because she has won and I'm trying to give other women a chance, and Bryce Dallas Howard now moves up to 20. Sorry, just a personal bugaboo with me.
Personally I like tats although I can understand why others don't.  But you should never get one of whoever you're fucking because you'll probably only wind up getting it removed in 6-12 months.
The Dish / Re: TV and Movie News: The Final Chapter
« Last post by Anynom on July 19, 2018, 03:09:32 pm »
Clone Wars is coming back!

Okay, it's not a full revival. However, at ComicCon, it was confirmed that the beloved Star Wars cartoon is returning for a mini-series that will use the plotline meant for season six: A massive siege of Mandalore which have Anakin reuniting with Ashoka, a major battle with Maul and mark what is one of the last major battles before "Revenge of the Sith."
C-S-S-A Annual Lists & Awards / Re: 2018 CSSA Hot 100 - Rules and VOTES ONLY
« Last post by TRL on July 19, 2018, 06:15:55 am »
Okay, since no one's opposing the motion, here is Victor's Hot 100 list, which I've had KMB confirm is accurate:

1. Hayden Panettiere
2. Bella Thorne
3. Ariana Grande
4. Madelaine Petsch
5. Rachel Bloom
6. Hailee Steinfeld
7. Taylor Swift
8. Melissa Benoist
9. Jessica Chastain
10. Sailor Brinkley Cook
11. Elizabeth Gillies
12. Jennifer Lawrence
13. Sabrina Carpenter
14. Laura Marano
15. Nathalie Kelley
16. Camila Cabello
17. Ariel Winter
18. Kate Upton
19. Alison Brie
20. Cindy Crawford
The Dish / Re: TV and Movie News: The Final Chapter
« Last post by Sex Kitten on July 19, 2018, 04:58:45 am »
Reports from the screening of Emma Stone’s upcoming movie, The Favourite, say that Emma is topless during a scene in the movie. She stars in the role of a servant, living the court of Queen Anne, who ruled England, Scotland, and Ireland, in the begging of the 18th century.

In one scene, Emma’s character is surprised in bed with the queen, and afterwards Emma's left breast is on display, for several seconds.

The Dish / Re: Happy Birthday 2018!
« Last post by Sex Kitten on July 19, 2018, 04:54:53 am »
Also, Romee Strijd, is 23; Rosie Jones, is 28; and Erin Cummings, is actually 41.

The Dish / Re: Happy Birthday 2018!
« Last post by Vicki on July 18, 2018, 11:54:47 pm »
July 19: Actresses; Vinessa Shaw 42, Nancy Carell 52, Erin Cummings 42, Angela Trimbur 37, Kaitlin Doubleday 34, Nathalie Boltt 45, Tonya Glanz 36! Power Rangers actress; Patricia Ja Lee 44, aka Cassie Chan, Pink Turbo Ranger 2/Pink Space Ranger!

In Legends: Vicki Carr 78! Singer!

Pretty sure I missed a couple at least. Sure Sex Kitten or the other regulars will get them.
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